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Japanese Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (hereinafter referred to as "JABCT") promotes, disseminates, and enlightens its members basic behavior therapy theories, developments in treatment techniques, clinical practices of various behavioral disorders and symptoms, research and clinical activities, education and training activities . JABCT member activities cover the spectrum of psychiatric medicine, psychosomatic medicine, psychosomatic disorders, clinical psychology, dentistry, education, public welfare, corrections, health care, rehabilitation, stress management, etc.

Main Activities

JABCT offers the following events and services:

  1. Annual Convention
    Our annual convention consists of symposiums and meetings for research presentations by JABCT members. A general assembly meeting for JABCT affairs is also held during the annual convention.
  2. Publication of JABCT journal
    JABCT journal called "Japanese Journal of Behavior Therapy" will be published three times a year and will be distributed to all JABCT members.
  3. Workshops
    A JABCT-sponsored Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Workshops are held yearly. All participants will receive the certificate for the participation of workshops. JABCT-sponsored workshops are accredited as short-term training sessions for qualified clinical psychologists.
  4. e-NEWS publication
    We deriver the domestic and international information concerning the behavioral and Cognitive Therapies through the e-NEWS on our website.
  5. Conferring JABCT Award (Uchiyama Memorial Award)
    Authors, whose research articles are published in the Japanese Journal of Behavior Therapy and judged as achieving excellence, receive the ?Uchiyama Memorial Awards.?
  6. Accreditation of "behavior therapy specialist"
    Behavior therapy specialists are accredited in accordance with separate provisions.
  7. International exchanges
    JABCT is active in international exchange programs including not only participation in international conferences related to behavior therapy such as the World Conference of Behavior Cognitive Therapy (WCBCT) but also in holding international symposiums and invites foreign researchers. Among international exchange programs where JABCT has been active are symposiums held at world behavior therapy conferences and symposiums with invited speakers such as H. Izenk, professor of the University of London, and A. Stankard, professor of the University of Pennsylvania and others.

Japanese Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies


For any inquiries upon JABCT, please send your comments to the secretariat by e-mail or fax. However, for the inquiries upon the application for admission or the services concerning your membership, please contact the MAINICHI ACADEMIC FORUM Inc.

JABCT Secretariat

Palace side bldg.., 1-1-1, Hitotsubashi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo 100-0003
c/o Mainichi Academic Forum Inc.
The Secretariat of Japanese Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies
TEL: 03-6267-4550 Facsimile: 03-6267-4555

Account number: 00130-5-725173
Account identifier: NIHON KODORYOHO GAKKAI

* For detailed information upon the membershipping procedure, please visit Join JABCT.

Automatic transfer Service

If you request the automatic debt transfer, please download the below document and send it to MAINICHI ACADEMIC FORUM Inc.
* Please make sure that the document contains correct seal impression for your account before sending the papers.
Download the Application for Automatic Transfer Service (PDF)
* Services available only in Japanese.

Director General

Hironori Shimada (Waseda University)

Membership Dues

Annual Due: 7,000 yen
Admission Fee: 5,000 yen